If I just recently purchased a Black/Platinum Gamex Card, How long will my address be whitelisted?
The whitelist process will be done around 15-30 minutes, if you still see the error message about the whitelisted address, you can contact our team on telegram here @David_GAMESTA & @hendriw89

I have a GAMEX card and I want to contribute to one of the GAMEX card pools. How do I link my GAMEX card to verify that I truly have it?
You will need to have the GAMEX card NFT on your Metamask wallet. It's all in the backend. A message will be displayed if you don’t have a GAMEX card on your Metamask wallet.

Will Platinum and Black NFT card holders need to lock their actual NFT in order to partake in the staking pools specifically for Platinum/Black GAMEX staking pools?
No, the GAMEX card NFT will not be locked. It just need to be showcased on your Meta Mask in order to participate in those pools.

Follow the instruction below to participate on GAMEX card staking pool :

You can go to Gamesta website staking or https://gamesta.ai/staking/,
You can choose Black/Platinum GAMEX staking pool (both has the same step) and click on STAKE NOW,
The page of staking will show regardless the GAMEX Card pool you choose,

You can swipe right, to find the Connect button and click on it,
You will connect to your Metamask Wallet by clicking on Connect,
Your addrees will automatically appear and you can click on Stake Now,

You can input the AMOUNT TO STAKE and make sure that it MUST be the same as_ AVAILABLE BALANCE_ and you can click on Submit stake,
Pemission access to GSG will be showed and you can click on Confirm,
The detail's page will show and you can click on Confirm button,

You can wait for some moments until it has been confirmed that the transaction is succeed
After your transaction is succeed and you can click on go back,
Now you can see the information of the GSG token that you have been staked.

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