Have you ever heard about Liquid Gamer Staking Pool? What is the difference between the Liquid Gamer staking pool and another staking pool options?

The Liquid Gamer Pool is a liquidity pool which is a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens locked in a smart contract that is used to facilitate trades between the assets on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Another staking option is a traditional pool.

What is UNI-V2? How do I get UNI-V2 token?
UNI-V2 is a liquidity provider token. The address is “0xaA6ba4E0ccdD4e2E9704a472b98F7336627Bd3f5”.
This address specifically uses the MATIC chain, which is what is needed in order to participate in the Liquid Gamer Pool.

How do I partake?

Follow all the steps below to take a part on the Liquid Gamer staking pool :

Open your Metamask Wallet and go to menu on the left-top corner,
Click on browser button,
Go to the quickstep website : http://quickswap.exchange/

After the page is showed, click on Pool menu,
Click the Add Liquidity button,
Click on Select a token,
Paste or put the GSG contract address on the box and click on add GSG (Token name),

GSG Contract address : 0x778949e707A0eb6c32ca20b1F9E0Db9685d18024

Input you the balance you want to stake and then click on Supply, (Remember that the MATIC's balance will change every 5 seconds so make to confirm fast as possible)
The confirmation page shows up and you can click on Confirm Supply button,
You will be notified about the gas fee then you can click confirm,

The notification will show that your transaction has been submitted and complete,
You can go back to the browser and paste this LINK (https://stake.unifyre.io/gamestapolyliq/info/0x79fce4ee071f14dc4ee14bf55a816e5631535d9d/POLYGON),

The LINK can only used for the Liquid Gamer staking pool

Swipe left on your page and click on Connect,
You can click on Connect to allow Dapp to your site,
Paste your contract address,
Click on Stake Now,

When input the value on amount to stake, it MUST be the same with the Available Balance,
Click on Submit Stake,
Click on Approve to access your UNI-V2,
You will be notified about the details transaction and you can click on Confirm,
Wait for the process, it might take some time,

After your transaction is succeed you can click on Go back,
You can see the detail of your staked balance.

Why can’t I connect my Trustwallet via “Wallet Connect” feature for staking?
Wallet Connect feature on Trustwallet cannot be used for staking if you use desktop/laptop, alternatively you can directly use Dapp browser in Trustwallet mobile app and stake your GSG and if you use a desktop/laptop we recommend you to use Metamask plug-in on your browser.

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