ANNOUNCEMENT ● From March 17th, 2022, GSG token will be ported thoroughly from Ethereum Network To Polygon Network. This decision is made so GSG token can be optimized for the Polygon ecosystem. Here are the Hash Transaction proof to check the transfer ;
To help you with the bridging, please check this article : How to bridge GSG Token from Ethereum network to Polygon network ?Here are the step you can follow to add the GSG token using Ethereum Network in your Trust Wallet:

Open your Trust Wallet, and go to the add token menu on the top-right corner
Scroll down to find the Add Custom Token button and click on it
You will directly have the Ethereum as your network

You can copy the GSG Contract address and fill the Contract Address box and the other box will automatically appear.
Here the contract address for GSG token on Ethereum : 0x55cd00764e85aa3b6b34130c983fff9eb458250c
After all the box filled, you can click on DONE
The GSG Token has appeared in your listed token.

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