ANNOUNCEMENT ● From March 17th, 2022, GSG token will be ported thoroughly from Ethereum Network To Polygon Network. This decision is made so GSG token can be optimized for the Polygon ecosystem. Here are the Hash Transaction proof to check the transfer ;
To help you with the bridging, please check this article : How to bridge GSG Token from Ethereum network to Polygon network ?

GSG Tokens will be supplied through these two protocols, they are Ethereum and Polygon.
There will be a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.
13 % of them is sold in a private and public sale.
The token raise will enable us to generate funds, which will be used to purchase in-game assets and various other yielding tokens.
The $GSG token will give you an 'indirect' connection to that fund, as the token will also have other value generating utility (such as governance, payments, and staking).
Profits from the assets will be used to automatically buy back $GSG from the open market through a smart contract, which will then be distributed as yield to all token holders who are staking the tokens.
The launchpad we used for the IDO is Equinox, Oxbull, Enjinstarter, Copper Launch

If you purchase during the PRIVATE, SEED, IDO
Seed $0.04,
Private $0.06
IDO $0.08
The tokens have vesting terms. Seed round contributors get 5% @ TGE & the rest over 12 months. Private round contributors get 7.5% @ TGE & the rest over 10 months. IDO round contributors get 15% @ TGE & the rest over 5 months.

The token provides exposure to the assets, and allows you to benefit from our experience and knowhow with regards to maximizing yields on digital gaming assets.

For Ethereum, you can check using this GSG token address : 0x55cd00764e85aa3b6b34130c983fff9eb458250c
For Polygon, you can check using this GSG token address : 0x778949e707A0eb6c32ca20b1F9E0Db9685d18024
The token distribution can be checked through the percentages below :
If you want to know the details about each distribution, you can click HERE to get details on our Whitepaper

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Read our detail by clicking on Whitepaper

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