On the staking pool specification, we have lots of detail about the staking information.

Here is the explanation about the element on the board :

Your staked balance refers to the token you have been staked. You need to use GSG token to partake in all pool (Supporter/Ultra Bull/ Platinum GAMEX/Black GAMEX) except for Liquid Gamer pool. The Liquid Gamer Pool is a liquidity pool. Please click on HERE to explore about Liquid Gamer Pool
Staking Cap refers to the limit of the token that will be staked for the pool.
Stake so far refers to the total update of the token that has been staked.
Maturity reward (Full Maturity Rewards) refers to the reward that will be received if the token we staked is withdrawn after the maturity period (maximum period).
Early rewards (Early Rewards) refers to the reward which will be received if the token we staked is withdrawn after Early withdraw open.
Staking contribution close refers to the period of time given for participating on the staking pool, you can't participate in this staking pool after this date.
Early withdraw open (Lock Period) refers to the date when funds removal from a fixed-term investment, such as from an annuity before the maturity date.
Maturity date (Full Maturity Period) refers to the date when the investment is repaid to the investor at the maximum period.
Staking pool's name refers to the name of the pool you are joining, in this case the name of pool is Liquid Gamer.

Is there a time limit on when the staking time closes?
Yes. This program is only available from 01/16/2022 at 00:00 UTC and ends on 01/26/2022 at 00:00 UTC.
You can contribute to get the chance on earning rewards on your GSG tokens.

Can I withdraw the token before the period of staking pool closes?
No. You can only withdraw your token until the early lock up has passed.

When will the reward can be claimed?
After the mandatory early lock up period of 90 days which is 26/04/2022, 08:00:00 UTC for all pools except for Ultra Bull. For Ultra Bull the mandatory period ends on 25/07/2022, 08:00:00 UTC.
However, if you want to receive maximum rewards, you can claim your rewards at full maturity date which is 25/07/2022, 08:00:00 UTC for all pools except for Ultra Bull. For Ultra Bull the full maturity period ends on 26/01/2023, 08:00:00 UTC.

Is there a minimum contribution amount?
No, there is a maximum contribution amount and that is stipulated in the staking cap information for each pool. For example:

Supporter Staking Pool
Staking Cap = 4,000,000 GSG.
Which means that is the maximum that can be contributed in that specific pool from all participants.

When the stake has been process successfully, where do the rewards go?
It will go to your designated address which you will be able to claim after time has passed the mandatory period.
You can also choose to wait until the full maturity period.

Can a person contribute multiple times?
Yes of course, but only until 01/26/2022 at 00:00 UTC or until the pool cap limit has been reached.

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